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The Mystery of Diagnostic Checks for Citroen and Peugeot at A1 Autocentre

Ever wondered about the so-called "Diagnostic check" in the auto world? Many think it's a simple plug-in by a computer that magically reveals all issues. But, hold on – that's not quite right!

Main Dealer Diagnostic equipment
Main Dealer Diagnostic equipment

Now, if you're keen on paying for a code scan, that's perfectly fine. After all, the equipment costs a pretty penny! However, here's our take: a fault code scan is just one piece of a complex puzzle.

We don't see the value in selling a customer a standalone code scan because, without proper testing after obtaining these codes, it's like having a missing piece of the puzzle.

Here at A1 Autocentre, we offer something more comprehensive – a Diagnostic Assessment. It starts with confirming the customer's reported issue. For example, a Peugeot Partner recently visited us with an Adblue light on the dash. We didn't just rely on the magic computer; we took the vehicle for a thorough test drive to witness the Adblue light in action for ourselves.

Subsequently, the magic computer then performed a full Diagnostic code read, revealing codes:

  • P20E8 (Pressure of the urea Fluid – Pressure too low)

  • P20EE (Depollution of the DeNox system – Emission Control ineffective).

But here's the catch – the computer stops at providing codes; it doesn't tell us what to change, as many might expect.

What's our next move? Drawing on our experience and utilizing technical information from our Main dealer System, we delve into checking for common issues. This not only saves the customer time but prevents unnecessary part replacements.

A common Adblue system issue emerged, prompting us to test the entire system meticulously. The culprit? A stuck-open Adblue injector causing the 'pressure too low' problem.

We didn't stop there – mechanically and electronically testing the injector ensured a thorough diagnosis.

Ordering a new injector from the main dealer and fitting it to the vehicle is not the end nowadays. A proper diagnosis involves bleeding the system and retesting all the vehicle data to guarantee it worked flawlessly. A final test drive confirmed the job was done right the first time.

And here's the best bit.. all this in-depth testing and corrective actions at A1 Autocentre come at the same price as what the main dealer quoted for an initial code read, and nothing more.

Our satisfied customer left knowing the entire system had been tested meticulously and, most importantly, fixed correctly the first time!

At A1 Autocentre, our Diagnostic Assessments redefine the way we approach automotive service, ensuring transparency and customer satisfaction.



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