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In the United Kingdom, legislation mandates that vehicles older than three years must undergo an annual MOT test to ensure their roadworthiness. This comprehensive examination assesses safety and emissions standards, making it a crucial requirement for all vehicles driven on public roads.

Driving a vehicle without a valid MOT is not only illegal but can also result in prosecution if caught. A1 Autocentre, serving Dagenham, Upminster and Ockendon as the premier MOT Station, is your trusted partner for ensuring your vehicle meets all necessary criteria. Our expert team not only conducts thorough MOT tests but also provides valuable advice to ensure your vehicle passes seamlessly.

Did you know..

You can schedule an MOT up to a month (minus a day) before it expires and still maintain the same renewal date? Take advantage of this flexibility and entrust A1 Autocentre with your MOT needs. We are committed to keeping you safely on the road, ensuring compliance with legal requirements while offering expert guidance to enhance your vehicle's performance. Schedule your MOT with A1 Autocentre for a reliable and hassle-free experience.

Ford Fiesta

My Car passed its MOT, Doesn't

that mean its save to drive for another year?

Not Exactly! This is a very common question which we thought we should answer here..


Athough a legal requirement, An MOT is a rather basic check of your vehicle on the day of testing for anything obviously broken.


When an MOT is carried out, nothing is allowed to be stripped down.  An MOT tester cannot remove your wheels to check your vehicles brake system, on some vehicles you cannot see these and DVSA's rule of thumb is 'If you cannot see it, you cannot test it!'

There are other components and fluids that cannot be checked on an MOT like the level & quality of your vehicles brake fluid!

This is a few reasons why an MOT should not be considered a replacement for a vehicle service! An MOT is just a basic visual check with no stripping parts or fluid testing / Top ups.

It is always advised and most of our customers book their MOT and annual service at the same time for both convenience and to make sure their family are safe on the road.

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An MOT is due each year if your vehicle is on the road.

If your unsure what date this is then Send us your vehicle details by clicking on the link above 'WHEN IS MY MOT DUE' and we will find out when your MOT is due for you



What happens if my car fails its MOT?

In the unlikely event your vehicle fails the MOT, you have 10 working days for a FREE retest.

What vehicles can we MOT?


A vehicle can fail an MOT for a number of reasons, Check out A1 Autocentre's tips to make sure that your car is in the best possible condition by the time your

MOT is due!

What to do if you have a Child Seat in your vehicle and will it pass an MOT?

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