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The brake system has to be the most important system on your vehicle, no matter how or where you drive your vehicle needs to be able to stop!

If you have any reason to believe your brakes don't feel or sound normal then visit A1 Autocentre.


We will carry out a full brake system inspection to make sure your vehicle is working correctly and your family is safe on the road.

If you are experiencing any brake noises or lack of braking then acting faster can potentially safe you money.

Brakes Disc
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What is checked in A1 Autocentres Brake Inspection

  • Removal of all road wheels to allow a thorough investigation.

  • Visual inspection of:

- Brake Pads

- Brake Discs (Including discs measurement)

- Brake Calipers

- Brake Hoses

- Drums/ Wheel Cylinders

  • Handbrake operation

  • Carry out a brake fluid test

  • A full Diagnostic scan of braking system to make sure there are no underlying issues




It’s not age & mileage that determines brake fluid change intervals,

it’s moisture absorptionBrake fluid gradually absorbs moisture from

the air and enters through the flexible hoses & reservoir

breather holes. 

Absorbed moisture reduces the boiling point of brake fluid. Under

prolonged, hard braking conditions, particularly in hot weather or

when a vehicle is heavily loaded, heat from the braking action can

suddenly vaporise the fluid.

Vapour, unlike liquid, is compressible, and the driver’s foot suddenly

goes straight to the floor, resulting in complete loss of brakes. 

This is known as Vapour lock.

HOT OR COLD, WATER MEANS TROUBLE Water in brake fluid is

not just a problem when the brakes are too hot. In cold weather,

old moisture–contaminated brake fluid increases in viscosity

(thickness) so pedal to brake response is slower meaning your brakes do not respond as fast as they should in an emergency!


brake fluid tester




At A1 Autocentre we love to look after our customers, so let us remember your important vehicle dates for you with a FREE MOT AND SERVICE REMINDER

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How can I book in my vehicle for a Brake check?

You can book your brake inspection by calling us at one of our branches or click 'book now' below and book online for a day that suits you.

brake light

What does this light on my dash mean?

Usually a light will appear on your dash to indicate your brake pads are getting low.

If you see this light on your dash it is advisable to get your brake pads check asap to avoid potential brake system damage and cost!

Brakes Disc

How often should I check

my brakes?

Depending on how many miles you drive, it is advised to check your brakes every 3 months or 10,000 miles.  Your brake fluid should be checked annually with a service.  A1 Autocentre carrys out a full brake fluid check every service.

Ready To Book your Brake Inspection? Call Now!

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