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Going on a long Journey? or just want to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive before the winter or summer months..

At A1 Autocentre we know how stressful a broken down car can be so don't let your vehicle add to your stress!

Book in for FREE and we will have a visual check of your vehicle and make sure you are ready for the road!

Whats included in a health Check?

- Check your vehicles tyres.

- Check your vehicles bulbs.

- Check your vehicles Wipers.

- Carry out a visual check of your brake system.

- Carry out a boiling point test on your brake fluid.

- Check your Anti freeze level and protection level.

- Check your vehicles Exhaust.

- Check your vehicles Suspension.

- Check your Battery/ Alternator.

brake fluid tester
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At A1 Autocentre we love to look after our customers, so let us remember your important vehicle dates for you with a FREE MOT AND SERVICE REMINDER

When is my MOT Due?


How do I book in my FREE Health check?

There are a number of ways to book in a Health Check with A1 Autocentre, you can either call us at one of our branches or book online by selecting the 'Book Online' button below.

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How much does a health check cost?

Nothing! its FREE! so you dont really have any excuse not to come and visit us.

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Brakes Disc

What happens if my vehicle needs anything?

When Performing a health check we are looking to make sure your vehicle is running correctly and safely, If your vehicle needs any additional work we will always call you to advise what you need first before carrying out additional work.

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