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Case Study: Ford Kuga DPF Repair


In this case study, we will focus on a specific service provided by A1 Autocentres - the diagnosis and repair of a Ford Kuga's Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and DPF pressure issue. This case highlights the importance of a thorough diagnosis process and its implications on cost savings and customer satisfaction.

Client Background

The client brought their Ford Kuga to A1 Autocentre for a new Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and DPF pressure replacement. The diagnosis had been previously conducted by a local main dealer, resulting in an expensive repair quote due to the assumed need for new parts.


A1 Autocentre faced the challenge of ensuring an accurate diagnosis and avoiding unnecessary costs for the client. The primary concern was potentially replacing parts based on an inaccurate initial diagnosis, leading to unnecessary expenses.

Diagnosis and Solution

A1 Autocentre chose a cautious approach, committing to double-check the initial diagnosis.

We leveraged our extensive experience in handling Ford DPF issues and employed our thorough 15-step diagnosis process.

During this process, the team observed irregular sensor readings and decided to investigate further. Rather than blindly replacing parts, they decided to test the wiring first and identified A BROKEN WIRE! affecting the sensor's functionality. We promptly repaired the damaged wire, restoring the sensor to its correct working state.

Following the repair, a basic DPF regeneration test was conducted, successfully fixing the car. A1 Autocentre efficiently resolved the issue at a significantly reduced cost compared to the initial quote provided by the main dealer.


  • Cost Savings: A1 Autocentre effectively resolved the issue for just over £200, a substantial cost reduction from the original quote of over £1400 + VAT.

  • Customer Satisfaction: By accurately diagnosing and fixing the problem, A1 Autocentre not only saved the client money but also ensured a high level of customer satisfaction. The client appreciated the transparency and expertise, resulting in a positive customer experience.

  • Job Well Done: A1 Autocentres' meticulous approach and dedication to delivering accurate diagnoses and cost-effective solutions demonstrated their commitment to quality service and customer-centric values.

Have a DPF light on the dash of your Ford? Give us a call!



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