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Should I MOT my vehicle now or in 6 months time?

On the 30th March the Department for Transport confirmed that owners of car, vans and motorcycles have been granted a six month exemption from MOT testing. This is to enable drivers to continue to travel to work where this cannot be done from home, or to shop for necessities. So what does this mean for you and your vehicle and should you wait 6 months longer for your MOT?

What does this 6 month extension mean for me and my vehicle?

With the introduction of the MOT extension, if your MOT is due from 30 March 2020, your vehicles next MOT expiry date will be extended by six months. eg. If you MOT was due 10th April, its new MOT date is 10th October.

It must be stressed that this a temporary measure and the government are keeping this under constant review and may stop extending MOT expiry dates once safe to do so.

Since this announcement the rules for this extension have changed 3 times already so its important you keep checking the Gov MOT Expiry website, or click on this link and we can keep you updated when things change.

My vehicles MOT has been extended does that mean I'm safe to keep driving it?

The Department of Transport has clearly added in their statement that YOU are responsible for your vehicles safety and that all vehicles must be 'kept in a roadworthy condition', Drivers found driving their vehicle in an unsafe condition will be prosecuted.

Just because the government has given drivers a 6 month sabbatical on their MOT, Does not allow a get-out clause for tyres with no tread or defective brakes. A driver will be liable if they have an accident caused by a dangerous vehicle.

I understand its my responsibility, what should I check?

On the Government website it has set out some safety checks you should carry out to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive.

Every time you drive you should check: - The windscreen, windows and mirrors are clean.

- All lights work.

- All brakes work correctly.

- All tyres treads are above 1.6mm and are free from cuts.

- Battery condition.

- Windscreen and rear window washer bottles are topped up and clean your windows.

Your vehicle's handbook will tell you how often to check the: - Engine oil - Water level in the radiator or expansion tank - Brake fluid level

The handbook will also tell you when your vehicle needs to be serviced.

What if I find something wrong with my vehicle?

You should not drive your vehicle if you think there are any defects that put yourself or others at risk. As a key worker A1 Autocentre is remaining open to help keep customers on the road, safely. Contact us on 0208 517 8080 and we can help assist with any vehicle problems.

If your not sure what your looking for you can book your vehicle in for a free health check or why not book an annual vehicle Service? This is the ultimate in vehicle safety.

A1 Autocentre will be putting up Facebook posts and emails to help assist you with checking your vehicle. Just click here to be added to our email list.

I have an extension, Can I still bring my car for an MOT?

Yes, We are still carrying out MOTs and Services for customers every day. A number of our customers want to bring their vehicles for their annual check to make sure their family are safe on the road.

It is also a good time to bring your vehicle as due to the Coronavirus our turn around time is fast and efficient. We are working in a safe manner at all times and please if you have any Coronavirus symptoms stay at home! This is the reason for the 6 month Extension!

Take care, dont forget to like our facebook page and look out for our next attempt at blogging!


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