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In the United Kingdom, all vehicles that are older than three years are required by law to have an MOT. This is an annual test to ensure that all vehicles that are driven on public roads are road-worthy. They are tested for safety and emissions in particular.

You cannot drive your vehicle on the road if the MOT has run out and you can be prosecuted if caught!


You can get an MOT up to a month (minus a day) before it runs out and keep the same renewal date.

As Dagenham's premier MOT Station, A1 Autocentre can MOT your vehicle for you and will offer any advice to make sure your vehicle passes! 

Whats Covered in an MOT?

The test basically covers different specifications of the vehicle.

These specifications include:

• Lights and Signaling equipment

• Steering and suspension

• Braking system

• Wheels and Tyres

• Seat belts

• General body structure (Bodywork)

• Fuel and Exhaust systems along with emissions

• Wipers and washer bottle



Let us remember all your vehicles important dates so you don't have to with our FREE reminder Service

MOT Questions and help.

Let us help you remember all your important vehicle dates for FREE! 

Let us Remind you FREE!

Car MOT's Cost only £35

Van MOT's Cost only £40

Motorbike MOT's Cost £29.65

How Much is MOT?

Send us your vehicle details by selecting 'MOT Due' above and we will find when your MOT is due for you!

When's my MOT Due?

Just you and your vehicle! We will do all the rest for you.

What should I bring     with me?

Mobile Phone

No, We carry out a while you wait MOT Service so we do not take bookings

Do I Need to Book?

In the unlikely event your vehicle fails the MOT, you have 10 working days for a FREE retest.

What if it fails??

Need an MOT? Visit us for our While you wait service!